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Games I wrote for GAME 230 and CMPM 265 - UCSC Game Design 2017 master's program. 

Special thanks to Professor Destler, Professor Whitehead and my many tutors: Jake, Chelsea, Lydia, Juan, Ahmet, Dan, and Aidan!

Pixel art thumbnail by hyperike piq.


  • Pong: WASD or arrow keys to move the paddle. Player and AI are both attempting to reach 5 points. 
  • Breakout: WASD or arrow keys to move the paddle. Spacebar to launch the ball. You can press the paddle against the sides of the screen to adjust the starting trajectory of the ball. (Ball position will not reset on clearing the board, so you can chain pretty impressive combos if you destroy your final brick from above.)
  • Particle system: Up and Down arrows adjust the rate of particle emission. 



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Pong 13 MB
Breakout 13 MB
Particle system 13 MB

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