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MrDrake was a close friend who used to write stories starring his OCs Hailey and Aimee. He died in 2012 before finishing one of his stories, one that starred Hailey and trapped her in a video game. I made this game in his memory, working on it here and there for the last four years. 

There's an uncommon bug where a cutscene gets stuck at the end rather than begin the next level, but you can refresh any scene by pressing V and that always solves the problem. 

Also includes a download for MrDrake's original short story. Walkthrough for this game is here. Special thanks to @SydMeeker for creating the soundtrack!

Published Sep 27, 2017
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Made withClickteam Fusion
Tags8-Bit, Short


Game 163 MB
Source code 181 MB
Soundtrack 160 MB
Gamer by MrDrake 20 kB

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